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So, It Wasn't a Dream

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I was convinced the first inning of last night's game was not reality. I was still not sure if last night really happened, but that was probably the cold medicine finally kicking in. 

Watching the ESPN highlights the next morning always make it more of a reality. It really hits you hard, especially since I turned my TV off just in time to avoid watching the TIgers celebrate all over the infield.

The Yankees are no longer playing for a World Series title, something I truly thought they'd play for. I thought they were the class of the American Leage - and frankly, they still may be, seeing as five game sets are crap shoots and all.

I thought Joe Girardi managed the game well, and I didn't have a bone to pick with a single move he made. Given the situation, and assuming Ivan Nova actually was hurt, I thought Girardi's handling of the bullpen was the best we've seen all year. He went with his best options, and isn't that what we've wanted from him all season?

The only problem I did have was leaving Russell Martin in to hit in the 8th inning. Jesus Montero needed more than two at bats, and Martin offense was anemic. How often do you see one of the team's top nine hitters sit the bench for, essentially, the entirety of a five game playoff series?

Last night sucked, but we have a lot to look forward to. Top prospects have arrived or are knocking on the door. An offense that scored 867 runs returns with an improvement at DH. Question marks surrounding the rotation will give us something to pay attention to at the Winter Meetings. There is always something going on with the Yankees, and I'm sure this Winter will be no different.

This season was a lot of fun. The roller coaster ride that is the Major League Baseball season has finally ended for us. I can't wait for 2012.