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What the Yankees Have To Do To Win Game 5

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1) Ivan Nova has to shut down the Tigers for 5+ innings, then pass the ball to David Robertson for 2, and Mariano Rivera for 2.

2) Keep the ball away from Rafael Soriano.

3) Arod and Tex have been solid defensively, but we're waiting for them to make an impact at the plate.

4) Curtis Granderson and Robbie Cano need to continue to set the pace for the offense.

5) Swisher, Gardner and Martin have to grind out at bats, driving up the pitch count. No first pitch pop outs.

6) No sacrifice bunts. Play for the big inning and then tack on.

7) No sign of the scrubs just because we're down a run. This is the Yankee offense at Yankee Stadium, we can make up any deficit.

8) Don't let Miguel Cabrera beat you.

9) No bad breaks. No Gary Sheffield and Bubba Crosby colliding in the outfield. No leaving AJ Burnett in the game one batter too long.

10) Make the big play. Every great game has at least one. Mantle outran a line drive to keep Don Larsen perfect. Graig Nettles put on a clinic at third. Jeter made a shovel pass and he went into the stands.