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Yankees Postseason: Truths and Statistics

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The Yankees are 1-7 in their last three playoff series when they score fewer than 6 runs. Fire Joe Girardi?

Should Jorge Posada and Brett Gardner be batting the 3 and 4 holes? They're hitting .400/.600/.600 and .385/.429/.462, respectively.

The much maligned Russell Martin (.231/.412/.308) is out hitting Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Nick Swisher and Mark Teixeira.

Jeter's 7 Ks is more than any other player in the playoffs. He's recorded more Ks than any pitcher in the Yankees-Tigers series other than Sabathia (7) and Verlander (12).

The Yankees drafted Tigers' Game 5 starter Doug Fister in 2005, but the righty declined to sign; he signed the next year with the Mariners.

6 different Yankees have .300+ batting averages against Fister (Granderson, Jeter, Posada, Cano, Tex and Martin), but they have almost as many strikeouts as hits (19-26).