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Last Night's Strikezone - Tigers vs. Yankees

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To be quite honest, I never point fingers at an umpire and hold him accountable for a team's win or loss. There are so many different moments in the game that each team has their own respective fate in their hands and can make a big play. However, Gerry Davis didn't help CC Sabathia's cause last night.

Below is a chart of called strikes and balls from last night's 5-4 Tigers victory.



As you can clearly see, Detroit's pitching was graciously given the left side of the plate all night. Heck, ten of those pitches are outside the strikezone, yet were called strikes against Yankee batters.

Let's move to the right side of the plate. Sabathia was not given a single call on the outside pitch to righties yesterday and it's proven factual by the above chart. I count seven pitches that very well should have been strikes but weren't while another handful were dancing around the strikezone but not rewarded.

I'm not blaming Gerry Davis for the Yankees being down 2-1 in the series, but he most definitely didn't do them any favors last night. If you make calls for one team, you damn well better call them for the other team as well.

But that's just my opinion.

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