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New York Yankees News Recap: The Brand, The Mets & John Sterling

The Yankees have supplanted Manchester United as the world's top franchise for the first time. Their "brand value" is worth $340 million, ahead of Man. Utd.'s $270 million.

  • Because of the Mets' refusal to let the Scranton Yankees play in Newark, NJ, next year, the club will be forced to play out of six different parks in 2012. They will essentially be on the road the entire year.
  • Whether you love or hate John Sterling, if you're a Yankee fan you should read a well-written profile on him. A taste -

Sterling, who has put in more consecutive years as the everyday play-by-play announcer than anyone else in Yankees history, joins a long list of hometown baseball broadcasters revered and celebrated for their quirkiness. But the Sterling experience includes an acidic animus, all for a broadcaster who does not even appear on the primary resource for fans following the team: television.

In truth, despite the fact that Sterling is a native and now noteworthy New Yorker, few know much about him and even fewer have asked him what he thinks about the phenomenon that has become John Sterling.

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  • A group of Connecticut-based investors bought the Staten Island Yankees, but don't worry, they say they have no plans to move them.
  • One of our very own was featured on The Best of SBN yesterday.