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Tigers Edge Yankees, 5-4, Take ALDS Lead

Detroit took the strategy I wanted the Yanks to take: to make the opposing pitcher work.

Overall though, I'd have to admit that Justin Verlander just pitched better than CC Sabathia. Detroit only had to get one inning from its bullpen while New York needed 2.2.

I think we all knew it was a mistake to let CC start the sixth. He was clearly out of gas in the fifth, and the bullpen was extremely rested. Why not go with the relievers there?

TBS' commentators seemed markedly more excited for the Tigers (and if you've been a member of this site for awhile, you know I never say that).

Oh, Sori. What a let down you've been all year. The home run to Delmon Young in the seventh was probably the icing on that cake. If the Yanks lose the series, that's what you'll be remembered for this offseason.

The middle of the lineup didn't help much either: Cano, A-Rod, Tex and Swisher combined to go 0-14 with two walks.

Both Curtis Granderson and Russell Martin flew out to the warning track in rightfield. Each probably would've cleared the wall in the Bronx. Just too bad how that worked out.

Now the season rests on the shoulders of A.J. Burnett. Oh... my... god...

Play of the Game: One of those rare occasions when the losing team got the biggest hit - GGBG's two-out, two-run double in the seventh that tied the game at four (+29%).