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The Mainstream Media and You

It seems like lately people have been posting more links to websites, with comments saying "this article is so awful," or "I can't believe this writer said this!"

I wrote this back in April about an awful article by T.J. Simers about Marcus Thames. A few people commented about how us reading and being disgusted by their articles is just feeding into their plans. One user, "Lord Duggan," said this:

In an age where fewer and fewer people are turning to the mainstream media for news and information, because, let’s face it, why the hell would you, some writers have sunk to the lowest common denominator. They write some total garbage that is sure to elicit rage from sane, rational people, and get their name out there again and get their story read by tons of people.

There is a big part of me that thinks that both of the writers in question, while they are most likely total morons who in some part of their brain believe what they wrote, are also trolling to piss people off and try to get as big of a reaction as possible. It’s the Charlie Sheen approach to staying relevant.

Save your animosity for people that matter.

So, I listened to Duggan, and stopped reading ESPN, and other sites that induce rage. The result was a lot less stress, and a lot more reading articles that actually are worth reading.

The Jeff Passan's of the world don't deserve your page views, nor do they deserve your sending the link to other people to read.

Try to think about who the author is, and what the title is, before reading. It will go a long way!