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New York Yankees News: The Offseason Begins

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With the St. Louis Cardinals defeating the Texas Rangers 6-2 in the 7th game of the World Series last night, today is one of the worst days of the year for red-blooded baseball-loving human beings. If you want more coverage of this topic, try looking on the internet. It's everywhere.

It will be another 172,415 days until baseball is back, and each of them will be disappointing in their own way. But, since PSA is a year round type gig, I'll keep writing about stuff, it will just be increasingly nonsensical. You've been warned.

To start the rehashing and idle speculation, here are the regular season run differentials of all eight playoff teams:

Yankees: +210
Phillies: +184
Rangers: +178
Rays: +93
Brewers: +83
Tigers: +76
Cardinals: +70
Diamondbacks: +69

The Cardinals weren't terribly proficient at scoring runs, nor were they terribly proficient at preventing them. And yet, they are World Series champions and the Yankees 140 runs count for nothing at all. There is no way to build your team for the playoffs.

If you frequent this site, you may have noticed that General Giraffe and Sergeant Skittles have counted down the top 23 Yankee victories from the 2011 season. Here is a tabulation of the PSA writer responsible for recapping those games:

Coincidence? I'll let you be the judge. Sorry, Frank.