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What A Game (Or Why I Love Baseball)

Last night into tonight the St. Louis Cardinals kept their World Series hopes alive, coming back from being down to their final strike... twice.

I want to write a long post about how amazing a game it was, but I'm speechless. Sometimes baseball does that to me.

What happened tonight was history. When we look at the past, we look at moments like Kirk Gibson's home run in 1988, Joe Carter's in 1993, and many more. Twenty years from now we will look back at this game, and it will be one of the most famous of all-time.

Joe Buck, often ridiculed for his monotone voice, has been fantastic this World Series so far. His call, the same call his father made twenty years ago, was filled with emotion and a hint of shock. I don't want to hear about his rooting interest, it was a fantastic call. Kudos to him.

Finally, I leave you with this video. Sure, it's a commercial for the NHL playoffs, but I think it fits for all sports. The Texas Rangers could have been in that situation twice, the type of situation they have looked forward to their entire lives. The St. Louis Cardinals stole that away - again, twice.

Game 7 is tonight, and if it is anything like Game 6, we are in for a treat. Either way, one team will walk away champions, and the other will walk away losers of one of the best World Series' in recent times. One team will feel the ultimate joy while the other will feel the ultimate let down.

I love baseball.