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What I Have Loved About Pinstripe Alley

Thanks to last night's rainout, the baseball season stretches on for one more tantalizing day. One more day of anticipation; ninth inning heroics, an immortal performance from this generation's greatest hitter, tense pitching duels.

But I have a different anticipation. This is my last week as manager at Pinstripe Alley.

I started a new job in May, moved from New Jersey to the Eastern Shore of Maryland; I got married in September. The town we live in is fantastic: I joined the community choir; the local college offers dozens of readings and lectures, and I play chess twice a week (once as one of the adults at an after school program, once as one of the mid-level players in a very competitive club). Unlike our time in New Jersey, we have a slew of friends and family here, and we've had guests or been on the road every weekend.

Blogging is hard work, though it never felt like work, and I always promised myself I would quit before it did. There were moments this season that felt like work. It takes time away from other things, and it takes writing energy away from the stories and poetry that I also enjoy writing. Maybe now I'll finally have time to finish that series on the history of the Yankees' championships.

Travis, Kuri, Duggan, Frank, Yankees2, and Brandon have been fantastic to work with. Of all the teams of writers I've worked with since joining PA for the 2007 season, they are the hands-down best.

You readers are fantastic, too. Both the commenters and the lurkers. You make Pinstripe Alley what it is. For five years, it's been a place to thoughtfully disagree, to learn more about the game, and to root for the Yankees. I have loved it.

I'll still be lurking, and commenting when something makes me stop and think (just like always). I'm starting a more wide ranging blog to gather up some of my stray thoughts, so you're always welcome to stop by there.

This has been a fantastic experience, and a fantastic chapter of my life. Thank you to jamato, anaconda, Ed Valentine and Travis for being leaders and partners. Thanks to every one of you for reading along; it's meant a lot.