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New York Yankee News: Realignment Tuesday

Actually, realignment won't happen until at least 2013, according to The Bud. I'm well past knowing what I think about realignment. Two 15 team leagues in the current system is ridiculous. But I'd be on board if you move the schedules closer to balance and fix playoff seeding, or if abolish or reform the divisions.

Joel Sherman has the first word I've heard from within the organization suggesting that Jesus Montero will do significant catching next season,

The Pirates have prioritized finding a catcher this offseason, which could make them a match with the Yankees. The Yankees are expected to keep Russell Martin, who cannot be a free agent until after the 2012 season, and try to make Jesus Montero his primary backup.

The Yankees can dangle Austin Romine, but they would like to put him at Triple-A as an option in case Montero cannot handle major league catching.

Unfortunately, looking over the Pirates roster and prospects, the only players I'd try to acquire for the Yankees is Andrew McCutchen. He'd cost much more than Austin Romine.
My wife had the news on yesterday morning, and the reporter made a reference to the Washington Nationals, but mistakenly calling them the Senators. She knew right away that he had misspoken, and then we spent a few minutes rehashing the sad history of Washington baseball.

On cue:

The [1960-1971] Senators played 11 seasons in Washington, compiling one winning record, losing 100 games four times, finishing last in the division or league four times. They are not to be confused with the team that left D.C. in 1960 to become the Minnesota Twins. No one ever makes that mistake  because anyone with the inclination to think at all about Washington baseball in the 1960s also has the resources and interest in the subject to get the facts straight.

In Arlington, Tony LaRussa made a great argument for making fewer pitching moves last night. He used 1 pitcher for 7 innings, and then 4 pitchers for 1 inning. The Cardinals lost.