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Name That Free Agent

I keep hearing that CJ Wilson is the second best (after Sabathia) free agent to be on the market.

This flabbergasts me.

This 32 year old left handed pitcher has thrown 200+ innings for 11 consecutive seasons.

This 27 year old left handed pitcher has averaged 195 innings the last four years, with a 1.26 WHIP.

Maybe Mark Buehrle would be too hard to lure from Chicago. But if you believe the rumors that the White Sox are looking to trim payroll, so Buehrle might be allowed to walk and arbitration-eligible Jon Danks may be traded (I like Danks more than Buehrle [lefty, 27, coming off a down year after 3 stellar years], but he would cost prospects).

If Sabathia won't sign an extension for 5Y/$125M, then I think the Yankees should look seriously into the alternatives- CC is great, but greatness has limits. To spend 4Y/$72 on Buehrle, then explore trades makes the most sense to me.