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Fixing the New York Yankees Offense

I'm sick of thinking about the starting rotation, about CC and AJ, about C.J. Wilson and Yu Darvish.

So, instead, let's thinking about fixing the offense.

This year, for the first time since 2008 (when they were so injury racked they missed the playoffs) and only the second time in 5 years, the Yankees did not lead the league in runs scored.

This problem, unlike the rotation, seems fixable. By position-

C: .241/.321/.398

Solution: Less Martin, more Montero. If Montero is half as good as his September call up leads me to dream, then he'll help the Yankees by playing half of his games as a DH and half as a C. He has to play at least 140 games next season for the Yankees to improve.

1B: .246/.338/.474

Solution: These numbers aren't really a problem (not a far cry from the .279/.348/.488 Tino produced while in the Bronx), but since Tex hit .302/.380/.587 against lefties and .224/.325/.453 against righties, maybe it's Tex who should be platooned.

I wonder if someone like Nick Punto or Jerry Hairston Jr. wouldn't come to the Bronx to play shortstop twice a week, third base twice a week? This would allow Jeter and Arod to spend significant time at DH (Arod especially) and keep ABs from being thrown away on the likes of Ramiro Pena. I know that was basically the plan with Eric Chavez, but Chavez was on the DL when the Yankees needed him most.