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New York Yankee News: 10 Wins From Glory

The Yankees pummeled Tigers #2 Doug Fister last night to take Game 1 of the ALDS.

Texas slugged their way back against the Rays, beating them 8-6 to even the series at 1-1.

The Phillies outclassed the Cardinals, beating the NL Wild Card 11-6 to take a 1-0 lead in that series.

Ian Kennedy wasn't sharp, but Yovani Gallardo was, as the Brewers beat the D-backs 4-1.

5 of the 8 teams are now 10 wins away from being World Series champions.

Brian Hoch calls Robinson Cano "the most dangerous hitter in the Yankee lineup." Cano became the second Yankee to drive in 6 or more RBI in a ALDS, but I still give Granderson the nod as most dangerous hitter because he brings speed and power.

Bill Madden is whining about how all pitchers today are pampered babies overprotected by pitch counts, and that neither CC Sabathia nor Justin Verlander is as great as guys from the 1950s like Don Newcombe.

Now, I'll agree that pitch count is not a magic number, but I also know that pitchers have physical limit; I want my manager to use guys up to the limit of their efficiency and no farther. If that means 140 pitches on a night he's cruising, fine, and if it means 90 pitches while he labors, that's the right move, too.

But the game has transformed in the last few decades. In the '50s, only Ted Williams walked like a modern slugger; now everyone takes pitches.

A lot of praise for Derek Jeter's relay throw. I love to read it, but I wonder if it would get written if he wasn't Derek Jeter.

Game 2 at 3:00