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The New York Yankees and WCBS 880

Lost amongst the talk of losing in the American League Divisional Series, Brian Cashman's new contract and speculation of which "big name" free agent the Yankees will attempt to lure to New York, it struck me that the Yankees may very well be in search of a new broadcasting tandum as well.

While this has most certainly been mentioned previously, WCBS's contract to broadcast every New York Yankee game expired at the conclusion of the 2011 season. That being said, the fate of long-time radio announcer John Sterling and his trusty sidekick Suzyn Waldman are left largely undecided at the moment.

From my own personal interactions with Yankee fans, the general attitude toward John Sterling is filled with mixed emotions and pessimism nearly always surrounds Suzyn Waldman.

I'm led to believe that whether or not they return next season, as well as the foreseeable future, the decision will not hinder on if the Yankees decide to keep WCBS as their flagship station. The Yankees have the right to approve of the broadcasters proposed to them by whomever they choose as their radio affiliate. One possibility would be for the Yankees to move to ESPN's local radio station, ESPN-AM 1050.

Everyone has their own unique opinion about Sterling, but I can't see the organization opting for someone else to take over the play-by-play duties. He has been present in the booth for every Yankee game since 1989. His voice has become synonymous with Yankee games and his consistency in doing his job is unparalleled. Yes, his witty home run calls and inability to call the game perfectly can become aggravating at times. However, even after poking fun at him all the time, he's done a fine job and deserves to be brought back.

Waldman, on the other hand, has annoyed me since taking over the color commentary in 2005. She ecstatically repeats almost all of Sterling's remarks and rarely ever throws in a solid thought of her own. How she landed the job and held it for seven years is truly beyond me. Some of her best moments can be found here and here.

If it were up to me, I'd remain with WCBS 880 and keep Sterling around at the very least while possibly replacing Waldman. It's been reported that the Yankees earn $13 million per year in revenue from WCBS and I'm not sure any other radio station can top that offer. Having fans be familiar with a station that they're accustomed to tuning into all the time is also a plus, seeing as WCBS has carried Yankee games since 2002.

Any thoughts on the situation? Do you think the Yankees will remain with WCBS and Sterling/Waldman? Will they opt for ESPN or WFAN and axe one or both of the broadcasters?

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