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New York Yankees News: The World Series Starts Today

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The World Series begins today, with the St. Louis Cardinals hosting the Texas Rangers.  Here are series previews from Lone Star Ball (Rangers) and Viva El Birdos (Cardinals), and I'm sure they will have lots of World Series content flowing.  Now, a few more Yankee centered links:

Brian Cashman expects to have a new deal by the end of October.

Jesus Montero will not participate in winter ball.
The Yankees seem to feel that he got enough playing time and catching wear-and-tear that he should be good to go for 2012 without any winter tune ups.

A list of Yankees who could have bounce back seasons in 2012
Listed are Mark Teixeira, Nick Swisher, Phil Hughes, and Joba Chamberlain.

A possible solution in right field
Under the assumption that Nick Swisher is elsewhere in 2012 (I hope not and so does the writer of this article), a suggested stopgap of an Andruw Jones/J.D. Drew right field platoon.