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New York Yankees News Recap: A-Rod and Cashman

The Wall Street Journal says the Rangers' ascent to the top of the AL began when they ditched A-Rod -

It's said that everything's bigger in Texas. But the Rangers have ridden a decidedly small-market approach to the top-beginning with the decision to eschew A-Rod and spread their payroll among young players...

...the Rangers are the elite of the American League now, whether they win the World Series or not. It's the culmination of a journey that was born when Rodriguez was traded...

...the Rangers have succeeded with a mid-market payroll by thinking like a small-market team, eschewing big deals like the A-Rod contract to build a successful young core that should be together for years.

  • Sweeny Murti recaps Brian Cashman's last three years -

Three years ago there was doubt that Brian Cashman wanted to come back and that he was the right man for the job. He could have taken the Theo Epstein route after Boston missed the playoffs. Instead, he chose to stay. Cashman built teams that won 103, 95, and, 97 games and won one World Series.

It's not an easy job to have one set of expectations and consider everything else a failure. Brian Cashman has lived it and breathed it for a long time, and he is on the verge of coming back for another run.

He's a good man for the job.

  • Check out this Village Voice article, if for nothing more than the title and a video summary of Yu Darvish.
  • Ever heard of "Bald Vinny"? He's calling it quits after 12 years of leading the Bleacher Creatures.
  • The Yankees want their minor league affiliates to stop using "Yankees" for their team nicknames, namely Scranton, Tampa and Staten Island. The reason is beyond me.