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Yankee Stadium DVD Contest

Pinstripe Alley is teaming up with A&E to give away five copies of Yankee Stadium: Baseball's Cathedral on DVD

What you need to do is guess how many total pitches will be thrown in the World Series. Since we're likely to have a lot of entries, this should be a tough one. Post your best answer in the comments - one per person - before Game 1 starts Wednesday night.

So we need total pitches thrown by both teams combined over the 4-7 game series.

No worries about going over. The five closest guesses (either above or below) will win copies of the DVD.

I'll contact the winners via email. I'll need your address if you win (which will be forwarded to A&E), so if you don't feel comfortable doing that, please don't guess. 

Don't forget to guess the tiebreaker too: number of hits for Albert Pujols.

Good luck, and happy guessing!