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Best Games of 2011 Season: The Honorable Mentions

Just missed the cut!
Just missed the cut!

Folks, for the past few days, Yankees2 and I have been sending emails back and forth to try to compromise on our order for the best games of the 2011 Yankees Season. There were very few disagreements, and we both opine that this is the best order we can make.

We agreed on 23 games that were the best of the best, and decided that we will split the posts into a series. We have a top 15, and the rest of the games are put into the honorable mention category.

In a season that consisted of multiple records, multiple walk off wins, and a division victory, the games were extremely hard to narrow down. We tried our best, and here are the honorable mentions.

23. July 30th- Yankees 17, Orioles 3: Yankees score twelve in first inning, destroy Orioles.

22. September 24th- Yankees 9, Red Sox 1: Yankees diminish Sox's playoff chances, Jesus Montero hits home run.

21. April 4th- Yankees 4, Twins 3: Ivan Nova strong in first start of season, Posada hits home run.

20. September 3rd- Yankees 6, Blue Jays 4: David Robertson gets the two inning save.

19. March 31- Yankees 6, Tigers 3: Yankees win opening game.

18. May 22nd- Yankees 9, Mets 3: Yankees score 8 in 7th, defeat Mets.

17. September 1st- Yankees 4, Red Sox 2: Yankees finally win a series vs. Boston.

16. May 18th- Yankees 4, Orioles 1: Hector Noesi debuts, wins, as Yankees beat Orioles in 15 innings.

For the top 15 we will give further information about the games, but for these games I linked the Pinstripe Alley recap, and the Yahoo box score. Any surprises that they aren't in the top 15?