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Let's Start a Discussion: Prince Fielder

John Harper of the Daily News made waves yesterday with his back page headline, "Prince Of The City." Harper believes that if CC Sabathia decides to opt out of his contract and does not re-sign with the Yankees, then the Yanks "may become heavy favorites" to sign Prince Fielder.

I think the proposal is entirely idiotic. Fielder represents exactly what the Yankees need to avoid: long-term free agent deals. With potentially crippling contracts already on payroll for years to come, why would the Yankees spend Mark Teixeira-like money to sign a DH? It's just not a smart utilization of resources, no matter how big the Yankees' financial muscles may be.

Then, there's also what Grant Brisbee of Baseball Nation pointed out:

If Fielder is locked up for seven years to be a DH, it would mean Rodriguez and Jeter would stay right where they are for a few years, no matter how bad the defense gets.

Do we really want two men pushing forty-years-old occupying the left side of the infield on a daily basis?

Also, with Russell Martin likely to return, that means limited at bats for top prospect Jesus Montero. Although, if Fielder was hypothetically signed, Montero would, in all likelihood, be hypothetically packaged in a deal for an ace to replace Sabathia in this increasingly ridiculous scenario.

Can we stick to reality please? Thoughts, Pinstripe Alley?