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New York Yankees News and Notes

We'll probably be seeing you again, Russ.
We'll probably be seeing you again, Russ.

Good morning, Pinstripe Alley readers. There still isn't much going on in Yankee-land, and there probably won't be for a little while. However, there are some pieces floating around the inter-Google that are worth reporting.

Yankees Looking Ahead to 2012 -

Bryan Hoch takes a look at next season while breaking down the team's potential free agents, those eligible for arbitration, and those who have club options. He also takes a position-by-position look at where the 2011 roster stands going into 2012. 

Of all things, the rotation has to be the biggest priority during the winter of 2011-2012. The lineup will, in all likelihood, be very similar to last season's, and the bullpen should remain a strength. Where would you look for improvements?

Sounds Like Russell Martin Will Be Back - ESPN

Here's what Cashman had to say about Russell Martin:

He was fantastic. He handled the staff really well. His commitment, dedication and energy level were everything we had heard. I'm a big, big fan of his.

I thought he was not only a great fighter on the field, but he was someone who was tremendous in our clubhouse and had real strong relationships with our pitchers. He was a good defensive catcher. I'm real proud of everything he did.

I wouldn't say fantastic, but I thought his defense was great, especially when considering his ability to block balls in the dirt. Maybe splitting time with Jesus Montero behind the plate will help keep his offense more consistent over 162 games. 


  • Mike Silva wonders if the Yankees are paying attention to C.J. Wilson.
  • Apparently, Dave Eiland interviewed with the Royals to replace Bob McClure as the club's pitching coach.
  • Derek Jeter was honored at the Lousiville Slugger Museum. 
  • Keeping with the Derek Jeter theme, the Yankee Analysts took a look at his 2011 season.
  • Curtis Granderson and Robinson Cano are headed to Taiwan to play against the Chinese Taipei national team.
  • Probably the most logical idea I've ever read on Bleacher Report - Ari Kramer said that Mark Teixeira needs to spend some time with Kevin Long to get his left-handed swing down.
  • NBC takes a look at Nick Swisher's option.