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New York Yankees News & Notes - 10/14/2011

The Yankee Analysts has a terrible idea - making Alex Rodriguez the primary DH next season. Rodriguez is still a decent defensive player and has some value on the field. Plus, even with diminished offense skills, A-Rod is still a comfortably above-average hitter for a third baseman, but not so much for a DH - compare his .276/.362/.461 line last season to average AL 3rd baseman (.247/.316/.394) and the average DH (.266/.341/.430). The difference between playing the two positions is the difference between an overpriced but generally productive player and an absolute albatross. Unless he suddenly turns into Eric Chavez, or becomes an immobile object on the field, A-Rod must continue to play 3B as often as possible.

  • It's About The Money has a nice expose about the"lack of killer instinct" tag that some have been sticking to the Yankees as a result of their postseason failure, and how ridiculous it is.
  • It's uncommon for Rule 5 picks to turn into quality big leaguers, but even rarer for them to do so with the team that originally gave them up. Fangraphs takes a look at just how rare Ivan Nova is.
  • Considering how much (relative) success the Yankees had with Freddy Garcia and Bartolo Colon this season, which reclamation project would you sign for next season, and why?