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Yankees Late-Night Links: Cashman/Ortiz Swap?

The Red Sox have an opening at GM. Brian Cashman's contract expires in a few weeks. Would he consider moving up north?

- Conversely, would David Ortiz consider moving south for the Yankees, who's 2011 DH is likely retiring? Would you even want him?

- The Louisville Slugger Museum unveiled a (kind of creepy) Derek Jeter statue.

- Seedlings To Stars profiled Yankee prospect Dellin Betances.

The good -

Betances boasts an intimidating combination of size and stuff. He stands every bit of 6'8″ and has two bigtime pitches in his 91-95 mph fastball and hard low-80′s curveball.

As his strikeout numbers suggest, the New York native has been able to get tons of batters to come up empty on the back of those two offerings.

The bad -

Of course, Betances hasn't managed to throw enough strikes in the upper minors, which is the biggest reason he's this low. He walked 4.7 batters per nine in Double-A, which escalated to 6.43 in Triple-A and then were further magnified in his brief MLB cameo, where he walked nearly as many batters (6) as he retired (7)...

Without a bigtime third pitch, Betances thus becomes a guy with two electric offerings and extreme inconsistency. In other words, he's A.J. Burnett all over again.

Yeah, he needs a full year in Triple-A.