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How to Fix the Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox are in a period of turmoil, so many people have "smart" ideas on how to fix the Boston Red Sox. Time to throw some ideas out there!

-Trade Josh Beckett, Carl Crawford to the Cubs for Carlos Zambrano, Alfonso Soriano.

It's obvious the Red Sox need a change in the pitching staff, so why not bring in a calming influence in Carlos Zambrano? I think Crawford will figure things out this season, so the Red Sox should swap him for Soriano, who looks to be winding down.

-Hire Bobby Valentine as manager.

Since ESPN loves the Red Sox so much, why not just use ESPN as a manager dispenser? If Valentine doesn't work out, there's always Wally Matthews.

-Hire Tony Reagins and Omar Minaya as co-General Managers.

The two helped their teams make the playoffs! Minaya's Mets collapsed before, so he should be able to help them out with that.

-Re-Sign Tim Wakefield, help him chase 300 wins. Start him every game until he gets there!

That's one way to avoid John Lackey pitching.

-Don't want John Lackey pitching? Hire Lackey as co-Pitching Coach.

There's another way to avoid John Lackey pitching.

-Hire Joe Buck, Tim McCarver, and Joe Morgan as the new announcers of the Boston Red Sox.

Too mean?

This post is a joke, and I do not truly feel these are the best moves the Red Sox can make. For my real thoughts on how to fix the Red Sox, look here.