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Bring Back Nick Swisher

The Yankees ALDS loss to the Detroit Tigers led to many people saying they do not want the Yankees to pick up Nick Swisher's $10 million club option for the 2012 season. Yes, I understand that people are upset and stuff, but how does letting Nick Swisher go make any sense?

Yes, Swisher did struggle in the extremely small sample size 2011 playoffs, but his 2011 season was fantastic. Swisher hit 23 home runs, drove in 85 RBI, all while his OBP added up to .374.

To respect the .374 OBP to the fullest amount, one must realize that on a team with Robinson Cano, Brett Gardner, Curtis Granderson, and Mark Teixeira, Swisher's OBP led the entire team.

The other options for right field are less than appealing. Looking at the free agent market, the best options are Ryan Ludwick, Carlos Beltran, Grady Sizemore, Michael Cuddyer, or Josh Willingham.

Swisher out hits and out plays all of the above, except maybe Beltran. The problem with simply letting Swish go and going after Beltran is that Beltran could demand a deal of up to three years for up to $42 million, or even more. If the Yankees balk at that deal, which they should, Swisher can demand more money.

There is no logical reason for letting Nick Swisher go other than pure frustration. Frustration doesn't make for smart baseball decisions.