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New York Yankees News: Waste Management

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As expected, the top story with the New York Yankees in the infancy of this offseason has been the various targets for their dump trucks full of money.  With a CC Sabathia opt-out possibly on the horizon, Stephen A. Smith makes the point that we all probably already know:  If Sabathia opts out, the Yankees will overpay for a diminishing return.

Personally, I'd consider it lucky if the Yankees only ink one albatross contract this offseason.  The reason is simple:  Free agency is a terrible way to acquire pitchers.  If Sabathia opts out, he has the Yankees over a barrel and he knows it.  C.J. Wilson is a recent bullpen convert with a sharp innings spike the last two seasons and will require giving a first round pick to the Rangers. Yu Darvish will have a new continent, league, and pitching schedule to adapt to.

I hate to be a storm cloud, but the odds are strongly in favor of all three of them getting more money than they'll be worth.  But, if the Yankees are going to be competitive in 2012, they're likely going to need to sign some pitching.  I'd be moderately aggressive with Sabathia and Darvish, but neither is a slam dunk.

Having starting pitchers come up through your farm system is the best way to remove the need to overpay in free agent bidding wars; an idea that Brian Cashman has been able to instill in the organization.  But the jewels of the system are still not ready to be big contributors and the words "rebuilding year" would likely be followed with "you're fired."

The good thing about being the Yankees is that whatever financial risk you take can likely be absorbed, but no more A-Rod like monstrosities.  Please?