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New York Yankees Mid-Morning Links

Happy Monday, Pinstripe Alley readers. There's not much going on in the land of the Yankees right now, which is still strange for me to comprehend. However, there are some things floating around the inter-Google that are worth reporting.

Buster Olney cited "sources" when saying that contract talks over a new deal from general manager Brian Cashman are going smoothly, and could be concluded by the end of next week. I am a Cashman supporter, so this is great news for me and the other fans who like Cashman. The faster he is re-signed, the fast he can begin his offseason plan.

Speaking of that offseason plan, Cashman reiterated that pitching will "always, always, always" be a priority during the winter. Cashman also noted that he doesn't expect next year's roster to be drastically different than the 2011 version.

Joel Sherman reported that Eric Chavez "is leaning heavily toward retirement." Chavez had a 79 wRC+ and a .294 wOBA in 2011, so maybe it is time to call it quits.

Some questions for you:

  • Alex Rodriguez has six years and $143MM left on his deal. How worried are you about his decline? Adam Kilgore and Brian Costa both expressed worry.
  • Are you worried about giving CC Sabathia a new contract? Johnette Howard warns that a new CC deal could turn into an A-Rod-esque albatross.
  • Building off the potential Jesus Montero matches mentioned in Travis' morning news post, I'd rather trade for Madison Bumgarner if the Giants really are a potential trade partner. Both are cost controlled, pre-arbitration players, and the Yankees need pitching while the Giants need offense. It might be a good match. How is trading for Cain fair value for the Yankees? He has one year and $15MM left on his deal. Montero is cost controlled for six seasons. Thoughts?