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New York Yankees News Recap: Cashman, Jesus and Long

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Will he or won't he return? (He better return.)
Will he or won't he return? (He better return.)

SNY looked at the priorities the Yankees have this offseason. The first is to re-sign Brian Cashman, whose contract runs out at the end of the month. At least they realize, unlike most mainstream media, that luck plays a significant part in short series (like the ALDS, where the Yanks outscored and outpitched the Tigers).

  • If you thought we were done with Jesus Montero trade rumors (like me), you were mistaken. Names such as Matt Cain, Gio Gonzalez, Trevor Cahill, Mat Latos and James Shields are among potential targets, says the Daily News. 
  • Kevin Long knows the lineup struggled with RISP in the LDS. But how does one go about fixing that?
  • Can A.J. Burnett build off a strong end to 2011 next year? Hopefully. He pitched to a 3.86 ERA over his last 35 IP (including the playoffs), facing such offenses as Boston (twice), Tampa and, of course, Detroit.
  • A Yankee farmhand was among three minor leaguers suspended for violating MLB's drug policy. Daniel Gil of the Tampa Yankees tested positive for a PED and will be suspended 50 games.
  • A-Rod invested in coconut water. Then publicly supported a rival company.
  • A bit old now, but Jose Reyes removed himself from the last Mets game after a first-inning single to try to lock up the batting title. He did. But I don't like the move as a baseball fan. And it might've been his last ever game for the club. Kind of a dubious way to go out.
  • You might be surprised which teams have the highest and lowest prices for beer and hot dogs.