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Game 1, Part 2 Preview: Let's Try This Again

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Should the Yankees and Tigers have even tried to play last night's game?

Should the Yankee front office be drawn and quartered for building a stadium without a retractable roof?

Should Ivan Nova get dual credit as a Game 1 starter, so that for the rest of his career, he can say, "I've started the first game of a playoff series."?

The rain is really no surprise; I count nine rainouts in the schedule, and there were plenty more delays. Why shouldn't the first game of the postseason get rained out, too?

The worry is that there's rain in the forecast for tonight- another downpour and a long series could twist an already convoluted schedule. The sensible thing is to tell both teams to be in the park for 1:00 game, and be prepared for the game to endure a long delay to get the game in.

However, since MLB needs its Yankee-ratings boost, the game starts at 8:30.

I think the rainout helps the Tigers because it allows Doug Fister the chance to pitch an inning deeper into Game 1 than he might have otherwise, protecting the Tigers' bullpen. The Yankee bullpen (which I think is stronger) and Ivan Nova will reap a similar benefit, of course, but I think that's a slight edge to the Tigers.

Of course, if the Yankees go out there and hang a crooked number early, that benefit will be moot.

Game Thread at 8, overflows scheduled for 9 and 10, unless a mod is around and wants to handle it manually.

Let's go Yankees!