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New York Yankees News: Cashman And Company

I will be attending the Pittsburgh at Rutgers college basketball game tonight, so I will not be around for the next day and a half or so. Don't miss me too much!

Lots of links today.

Ever hear of Brian Cashman? The Yankees GM? Well, apparently Yankees bloggers have and there are tons of opinions going around about him.

Jason from It's About The Money, Stupid asks everyone to please stop suggesting that Brian Cashman is trying to get fired.

Jason also wrote about his spending the night at a dinner with Brian Leetch and Don Mattingly.

TYU's Matt Imbrogno has some complaints of his own and also a post about prospects by Sean P.

The Yankeeist looks at who the Yankees will look at in next years offseason.

Bronx Baseball Daily profiled J.R. Murphy, who has not been talked about as much as the other top catching prospects.

IT IS HIGH! IT IS FAR! IT IS...caught has some ideas of how to respond to Red Sox fans.

Finally, the questions of the week: Best GM in baseball? Worst? If you could sign any single player to the Yankees right now who would it be? Best and worst contracts in baseball?