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New York Yankees Notes: Cashman Again Talks About Pettitte

Here are some New York Yankees notes for you as we wait for real baseball on another dreary winter day.

Brian Cashman: Andy Pettitte 'not holding us up' as he makes decision | News
Despite an report on Wednesday that said the Yankees were prepared to offer Andy Pettitte a $12 million contract to put pinstripes back on, Cashman said that Pettitte still needs to pick up the phone if he's interested in pitching.

"He's made a decision [to retire]. It's just if he changes his mind," Cashman said. "He's decided not to play. If he decides to play, I think that's the rub. The only thing is, I'm left to constantly talk about it because I have to fill a void in the rotation. The obvious area to ask about is Andy Pettitte."

Cashman said that nothing has changed regarding the Yankees' stance on the 38-year-old Pettitte, who they feel has been consistent since the American League Championship Series in telling his team not to expect him to pitch in 2011.

"He's not delaying anything, he's not pushing us back, he's not hurting us," Cashman said. "He was honest up front from the very beginning. Of course we'd like him to play.

"He cares deeply about this franchise, whether it's in 2011 or 2020. He wants us to always win and be successful. He knows he'll always be a Yankee, but whether he decides to pitch again is what's at issue. He has, at this stage, decided not to pitch."

Yankees Have Ninth-Best Farm System, Mets Rank 26th - Around the Empire - SB Nation New York
Keith Law released his 2011 MLB organizational rankings today at ESPN and for one local team that has run atypically dry on the free agent market this offseason, the future looks bright when examining its young talent. For the other local franchise, one who's been bargain hunting all offseason, the future looks pretty much as dim as it has in recent memory.

Law ranked the New York Yankees' entire minor league system as his ninth-best.

Duchscherer: Ain’t afraid of NY | It's About The Money
From Brittany Ghiroli, some words from and about Justin Duchscherer: Free agent Justin Duchscherer, considered one of the best starting pitchers still on the market, said Tuesday evening that physically he feels pretty much 100 percent and shot down the notion that his previous depression issues would prevent him from playing in New York. I find it funny that people say I can't pitch in that environment, but I've pitched in New York before, he said. As far as my mind, I have no problem being anywhere. Physically it's a matter of what's the best situation for me. Well, the Yanks just signed Bartolo Colon and Mark Prior is in the fold, so what's another low-cost, low-risk, decent-upside arm? Exactly what the Yanks should be doing, since Joba's going to remain in the 'pen.

Jeter Takes Early Batting Practice -
Derek Jeter has added a new dimension to his pre-spring training workout.