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Babe Ruth Isn't Dead, He Just Went Home

I am pleased to note that the last Google search that brought someone here was "Babe Ruth+Dead+Casket." Surely the person doing the search meant "Angels+Dead+Casket," or maybe even "Red Sox," although that last remains to be seen.

One item I remain more confused about than the interest in Babe Ruth, or even Babe Ruth's fat dead cats: if Joe Girardi doesn't want to burn out the pitchers on the roster in Wednesday's meaningless game, why don't the Yankees change pitchers? It's 40-man roster time; they have that option if they're willing to be a little creative. Sayeth Girardi:

"It is kind of weird, because if you did have two days off you could use all of your relievers on Wednesday if you wanted to, but as I said you have to be careful. It's tough when you're playing teams that need to win games and they're part of the playoff picture.''

Wednesday is going to be a bullpen game, with no starting pitcher (no doubt the Red Sox are just thrilled about this given that the last game is going to matter a great deal). Girardi is concerned about getting through nine innings, and that's understandable, but the team is stuffed with fungible relievers and some 40-man spots that are being underutilized. I don't mean to harp on Scott Proctor, but if managing the pitching staff correctly on Wednesday is going to have an impact on the first round of the playoffs, then you DFA Proctor immediately and stick one of the kid pitchers in that spot, either a starter or a reliever. If you need a second pitcher, decide which of Aaron Laffey and Raul Valdes you like least and free that spot as well. Look, neither should be on the postseason roster, but even if one of them is going to be wedged in there (we're now in the illogical realm of using a bad lefty against a left-handed hitter rather than a good righty) there is nothing that the odd man out is going to do in the next two games to change your mind.

Then there is Francisco Cervelli. If his concussion syndrome is truly going to keep him out for the postseason, and that seems increasingly likely, then the Yankees could move him to the 60-day disabled list, thereby freeing his roster spot--60-day guys don't count against the limit. Obviously they would rather have him than not, so this is an extreme step just to get an extra pitcher on the roster for one day, so you want to be sure, but if Cervelli is going to be unavailable then there is no use pretending otherwise.

...Or Ramiro Pena could just be designated. The lad can field but can't hit, and a glove man who has dropped behind Eduardo Nunez on the depth chart is of limited value. Whatever the Yankees do, they have the power to change things rather than just complain, so why restrict yourself to the latter?