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Because Josh Beckett Won't Give Up Three Grand Slams

Where have you gone, Whitey Ford? Postseason nation turns its lonely eyes to you. (AP)

Thursday's game was tremendous fun, and I'm not meaning to diminish the great comeback and unique offensive accomplishment the Yankees had, but now that the hoopla has faded, I'm left scratching my head: after Phil Hughes got Joe Girardi's A.J. Burnett-style quick hook, I'm more confused than ever as to how the postseason rotation will shape up after Game 1. It's going to take four starters this year given that the annoying TV-inspired off days have been greatly reduced, but who other than CC inspires confidence right now?

It's true that all of the likely postseason teams have to answer their own questions of this kind, and we could see some ugly, pinball-style games 3 and 4 in this year's divisional and championship series, but who likes to rely on being able to catch the good end of a shootout? Actually, even that statement presumes a lot--unlike Thursday, most games a team is down 7-1 in the third inning it has already lost. You don't get a comeback like today's often, especially not in October.