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Those Who Remember the Past...

...Include me, but not Joe Girardi. Back in 2007, when he was managing the Marlins, Girardi brought back team ace Josh Johnson after a rain delay of over an hour. There is no knowing if Johnson's subsequent Tommy John surgery was directed related to that incautious decision--Johnson has had plenty of arm problems without Girardi's help--but it was a reckless call nonetheless. It was disheartening to see him repeat the call with CC Sabathia last night after a half-hour time out. You can never know exactly what caused a pitcher injury, or even if any one thing was what pushed the pitcher over the line. As such, it behooves the manager to be cautious in obvious situations. This was one of them. With luck, there will be no long-term ramifications, the short-term one being that CC had nothing when he came back. The Yankees were fortunate to escape from the mess the decision created, will be fortunate if nothing happens to Sabathia.

This is the price the Yankees pay for having Girardi as the manager: tremendous stubbornness and a never-ending quest to prove that Johnson wasn't his fault by repeating the same thing with other pitchers and hoping they don't break.