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The Steven Goldman Theater of the Air

On the new show, I'm the one on the right.

Yeah, that's humble and not quite accurate, but might as well carry on. I wanted to alert the best readers in the world, if you hadn't caught the news via Twitter or elsewhere, that beginning this Sunday at 11 PM EST I will be co-hosting MLB Roundtrip with Baseball Prospectus, a weekly show, on SiriusXM's MLB Network Radio channel along with my good friends Kevin Goldstein and Mike Ferrin. No doubt there will be plenty of Yankees talk and guest spots by my PB crew mates, but beyond that, it's your chance to call or write in and go 'to the mats' with me and my pardners in real time. Call in, mention the Pinstriped Bible, get... Well, you'll get my respect for having such fine taste in reading. I'll try to work out some other incentives down the line--stuffed animals? That's Sunday at 11 PM, SiriusXM MLB Network Radio (XM 89, Sirius 209). Hope you'll drop by and... well... try to win a bear.