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Not Making Fun of Mitre/Chat Today

I have been asked via Twitter to say something snarky about Sergio Mitre. I find that all of you are doing such a good job of it that I have little to add. Indeed, one correspondent has insisted that the dangerous Meat Ray has value because of his resemblance to a sponge--which is to say that he can soak up otherwise meaningless innings. I have two problems with that thought: one, except in the most extreme of blowouts, you can only know which innings are meaningless in retrospect. As flat as Justin Masterson made the Yankees look on Wednesday night, a 3-0 deficit isn't surmountable. The two runs Mitre allowed the Indians turned out to have meaning when the Yankees scored three runs in the top of the ninth.

My second issue is simply that I would rather have these s0-called meaningless innings absorbed by a kid who might have some future value. Sure, it pushes their arbitration clock along, but even a team like the Yankees needs options that don't require spending millions to bring in a veteran from the outside. Give the innings to someone who might grow into a larger role down the line. Heck, give them to Pat Venditte.

I will be available to discuss these and other issues today (Thursday) over at BP at 1 PM EST. As always, all are welcome. You can check in with your questions at this address, either now or when the chat is active. Looking forward to seeing you.