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The Quickest of Posts: Jose Reyes to the Yankees

Headline in today’s Daily News:

Jose Reyes to New York Yankees 'not going to happen,' says Brian Cashman, who supports Derek Jeter

"We have an everyday shortstop in Derek Jeter," said Cashman, who was at the Waldorf-Astoria for the CYO Club of Champions Tribute to receive the Sportsman of the Year award. "And I think we have an everyday shortstop that would be playing for a lot of clubs in Eduardo Nuñez. The Yankees don't have a need now or in the future for a shortstop."

I have just one question: After Rafael Soriano, why should we take anything Cashman says about what players he wants or doesn’t want seriously? It’s not up to him, and his input clearly doesn’t matter all that much. If someone higher up wants Jose Reyes, the Yankees will try to get Jose Reyes.

And you know what’s wonderful about that? Cashman is wrong here. They should try to get Jose Reyes. Yesterday.