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The Gordon Knife in the Back

I have only one thing to add to Cliff's earlier post, the points of which I wholeheartedly concur with. It's simply this: what kind of message does the Yankees organization deliver to Hector Noesi, D.J. Mitchell (3.04 ERA at Scranton), Adam Warren (3.33), and David Phelps (2.95), when you pass them over for some other organization's journeyman? The only possible message is that they will never be good enough, that the Yankees are so deeply suspicious of their own prospects that they would rather take someone else's trash over their own treasure. And it doesn't matter if Brian Gordon pitches a perfect game today; the message is the same. Millions for Andy Hawkins, millions for Dave LaPoint, but no time to look at a kid who might actually give the organization some long-term upside. This decision is discouraging in every sense of the word, both to those trying to make their way to the majors in the organization and those watching it. However, as far as quadruple-A players in 29 other organizations, consider aid and comfort given.