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A Very Brief and Likely Premature Thought, Upon Which Jesus Montero Intrudes

Back in the old days, when the Royals were good, George Brett used to terrorize the Yankees at Yankee Stadium. He was a career .311/.390/.509 hitter at the old ballpark, bashing 18 doubles and 17 home runs in 350 at-bats. That only counts the regular season; in seven playoff games set in the Bronx, he sent another three balls over the fence. It's not like Brett was a bad player--he was a Hall of Famer with 3000 hits, a .300 average, and 317 home runs--but if he had played for the Yankees, I suspect he would have been a Hall of Famer with 3000 hits, a .300 average, and 500 home runs.

Eric Hosmer: The Latest Nemesis, Potent in the Bronx. (AP)

The reason I bring this up is that it sure seems like Eric Hosmer might be to the 21st-century Yankees what Brett was to the 20th-century team. Like I said, it's early, it's premature... But my, the lad is talented. Someday the Yankees will develop a young player with this kind of hitting talent.

Oh, yeah, they did... Jesus Montero. Too bad the Yankees don't have an opening at DH or a need to goose the offense just now... Montero is hitting .327, and he knocked his second home run of the season. He's not dominating the minors the way Hosmer did, but he doesn't have to be Hosmer to give the Yankees a lift. He just has to be better than what they have now.