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A couple quick thoughts stemming from Friday night's game:

First, the Yankees hit into a franchise-record six double plays. I credit Matt Harrison and the Rangers infielders for those double-plays as much as I blame the Yankee hitters, but it's not hard to see how those twin-killings murdered the Yankee attack. There were just three innings in which New York did not hit into a twin-killing, and those double plays used up 12 of their 27 outs in the game. Unsurprisingly, the end result was that the Yankees scored fewer runs (three) than in all but one other game this season.

Second, Curtis Granderson hit his third home run of the young season. All three have come against left-handers. Since Kevin Long altered Granderson's swing last August, Granderson has hit lefties significantly better than he has hit righties:

vs. LHP: .299/.373/.612 (67 AB)
vs. RHP: .232/.331/.529 (138 AB)

Small sample warnings still apply, but its interesting to see that change in his split carry over from last season. Unfortunately, the majority of the pitchers Granderson faces are right-handed, and his overall line this season looks alarmingly like the bottom line above (.231/.302/.538).