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Spring Photos: Catching Drills is live on the scene in Tampa, FL. While we’re here, we’ll post photos of some of the Spring Training sights fans don’t normally get to see.

Everybody knows that snagging popups can be a difficult task for catchers, especially when they're hit directly above a backstop's head. But what many people don't realize is that recreating a popup above the plate is even harder. That's why coaching staffs normally enlist the help of pitching machines to do the work for them, as seen here with Tony Pena:

A few more photos after the jump.

Here, Jorge Posada joins in the instruction. Is there a coaching career in his future?:

Fan favorite Jesus Montero is all smiles:

Are there specific photos you would like to see shot? If so, leave your suggestions in the comments box below. We'll do our best to accommodate everybody.