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The Best Shape of His Lifer

At the very least, Russell Martin talks a good game. (AP)

If you ever wonder why I sound jaded about the ups and downs of Russell Martin's production and health after following him for five seasons, look no further than this brief compendium of "best shape of my life" quotes which the Orange County Register's Sam Miller compiled. With the precision of a Swiss watch, Martin comes to camp declaring that his latest workout regimen is going to solve the problems which sapped his production last year, usually because his previous offseason regimen was all wrong. Yoga, mixed martial arts... maybe next year it will be bonsai. Or yodeling.

"High up in the Alps, I can really increase my lung capacity when I odelay-hee-hoo, which was something I lacked at times last year," Martin told the Pinstriped Bible...

Miller declares Martin "the greatest Best Shape Of My Lifer in baseball" while graphing out his flagging production. Hardball Talk's Craig Calcaterra calls him, "the man who took the BSOML meme out back and beat it to death with a large club."

Which might be the hardest thing he hits all year....