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You Have to Call Him Shirley, Even If You're Joking

Pedro Feliciano is the new Bob Shirley, sort of... If that means anything to you. (AP)

As some of you might have heard, I have had the honor of being named the Editor in Chief of Baseball Prospectus. Worry ye not--I'm not going away from these parts. One of the nice things about being the size of a small truck is that I'm in no danger of being spread too thinly. Last night, I was trying to introduce myself in my new guise, and I was trying to think of some aspect of baseball that really explained what I'm all about and was yet very personal. I could have told a Casey Stengel story, but everyone expects that of me. A name and an experience came to me fairly quickly, and they both bore the same name: Bob Shirley. For those of you who weren't around at the time, Bob was the Yankees' 1980s version of Pedro Feliciano, except he also started. In short, he did everything but sell peanuts.

You can find my Shirley story here, open to subscriber and non-subscriber alike. And remember: cliches are ever the enemy.