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The Tools of Ignorance: Wednesday News

Give the O's credit- they came out swinging last night and they beat CC Sabathia at home for the first time in over a year.

Still, I'm not worried about the big man for October.

All eyes on Trenton tonight, as Andy Pettitte makes a playoff start for the AA Thunder.

The Scranton Wilkes Barre Yankees made the playoffs, too.  DJ Mitchell takes the mound in Columbus against the Clippers.

The Yankees used to win minor league championships regularly.  Year after year, the Boss would sign veterans and career minor leaguers to carry those teams to championships.  He felt that a winning atmosphere was important to developing players- I agree it is, but his approach took playing time away from developing players.

What makes this year (and last year's) AA and AAA championship runs different, is now it's happening organically.  The Yankees have some incredible talent in the minor leagues.  None of them will come to the Show polished and read a la Jason Heyward or Mike Stanton (the Marlin), but if just a couple of those guys reach their full potential, the Yankee roster will be stacked.