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Yankees 2, Fightin' Showalters 6

CC Sabathia loaded the bases before recording an out tonight, and that tells you nearly everything you need to know about the game.

I'm trying to remember a game that seemed so oddly lopsided- everything the Orioles hit was just out of the reach of the Yankees' defense (especially Granderson's error that should have been a hit), while everything that the Yankees hit seemed to take the bounce the Orioles needed.  Arod's liner with a runner on third handcuffed the 3B, but the ball bounced to the shortstop and the O's recorded an out without the run scoring.  Granderson blooped a single into center that deflected off the SS glove and straight to the CF, who forced out Jorge Posada at second.

At least Lance Berkman looked alive: 3-4 tonight.

CC's home win streak was snapped, the Yanks' home series win streak was snapped, and the Yankees have now followed their longest winning streak of the year with a 3 game losing streak.

Ivan Nova for stopper?

Comment of the Game: The exchange between Melkman and MattF15 summed up the quality of our night and the quality of our broadcast team.

Play of the Game: Reimold's 3rd inning, 2 out homer.