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Around the Yankee Galaxy: 0-2

What a strange game. The team is obviously better with A-Rod in the lineup, yet they've gone 21-3 this year without him and 0-2 since his return on Sunday. Funny how that works.

On that day, Brian Matusz beat A.J. Burnett -- the same pitchers of record as yesterday. The buzz after that game was that Burnett was the Yankees' biggest question mark as they approached the playoffs. He still is.

I can't disagree.

  • If you're going to be near Trenton, New Jersey on Thursday, you might want to attend the Thunder game. Andy Pettitte will make a rehab start for them in a Double-A playoff game.
  • The Scranton Yankees finished their season as the top team in the IL's North Division with a 12-inning win over Lehigh Valley. Jesus Montero homered in the first inning. To quote the announcer -

I've only been here for two of the three years; that is the longest home run I have seen hit to left-centerfield by far. That was absolutely crushed.

Scranton will face Columbus in the first round, best of five series starting Wednesday.