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Toronto Blue Jays 7, New York Yankees 3

Joe Girardi, Michael Kay, and John Flahrety all agreed today that Phil Hughes pitched well today, outside of a few pitches. Those few pitches cost the Yankees the game, however, as Hughes was taken deep three times in a Yankees loss.

The Yankees winning streak is over at eight games and Phil Hughes is now 16-7.

Alex Rodriguez went 2-5 with an RBI single in his first game back, but also made the last out of the game. Derek Jeter went 0-4, as did Curtis Granderson.

The Yankees will finish off their streak of day games tomorrow against Baltimore.

Comments of the Game: Edgware for a funny picture, and for some good wishes, both pkyankeesfan and yankeesNZ1 get recognition.

Reminder to those in fantasy football, the Yahoo! leagues draft is 7 P.M. EST tonight. Both survival and pickem leagues are still open.