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We're Going Streaking!

Bring your green hat!
Bring your green hat!

Mood Music - (Well, not really) An Introductory Video

The Yankees are going streaking!  Through the quad and into the gymnasium!  An 8 game streak!  Marcus Thames hitting game winning bombs? Everyone is doing it.

The Yankees were able to win their 8th straight game, overcoming some struggles and Yankee Stadium Specials given up by Ivan Nova (HAH! Barndon!) Javier Vazquez.  After Javy and Dustin Moseley combined to give up 5 runs, the bullpen really locked it down, and don't anyone look now, but Kerry Wood looks like absolutely great pickup by Brain Cashman.

The Yankees will go for their second straight home sweep tomorrow with Phil Hughes taking on Brett Cecil.  Come on Phil, keep the streak going!

Play Of The Game: Marcus Bein Marcus.

Also, worth noting, while it wasn't the play of the game, the difference between Jose Bautista walking to load the bases in the 7th with nobody out and his subsequent strike out and ejection really changed the game.  And it was outside.  Not quite at Curtis Granderson levels of a wide strike three, but it was definitely outside.  The Yankees got the break and they had to take advantage of it.

Comment Of The Game: Free Bradshaw.  Ivan Nova is really, really, dedicated.