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Around the Yankee Galaxy: Alex vs. Andy

In a simulated game before today's matinee against Toronto, Andy Pettitte will face several Yankee hitters including A-Rod. It will go a long way toward determining the return dates of both. Rodriguez is expected to return for Sunday's game while Pettitte - if the sim-game goes well - will make at least one rehab start before rejoining the Yankees.

  • Speaking of A-Rod, he split from super-agent Scott Boras. It was mentioned here in a fan shot, but it got buried, so here it is again -

The consensus of opinion is a familiar one: A-Rod has fallen under the spell of a cadre of Hollywood types, led by Guy Oseary, Madonna's PR guru, who want to take over control of his career...

Fine, but why the need to completely sever ties with the Boras Corp., which, in addition to contract negotiations, offers its clients psychological counseling, investment advice and physical training, among other services? According to published reports, Rodriguez is contractually bound to pay Boras something like $11.8 million over the next seven years.

The only logical reason -- and this is only an educated guess -- is that Rodriguez or one of his new advisers thinks they can find a loophole that allows A-Rod not to have to pay Boras' remaining agents fee.

I don't think that will ever happen, but I'd like to see him try.

  • Ex-scout Frankie Piliere took a long look at Derek Jeter's swing and was not impressed -

Yankee fans and people around baseball have seen Derek Jeter struggle this season like he never has before. For many, it's likely been difficult to accept, but the fact is that Jeter is, at least for now, not the hitter we've come to know. Not only are the results not the same, but the way he approaches his at-bats has changed as well. And, whether it is subconscious or not, he has changed his approach to compensate for raw ability that may no longer be there.

A great read for Yankee fans, especially if you're into the finer points of baseball. It makes you wonder if Jeter has gone to Kevin Long yet, and if not, why?

"I was expecting more," said Braden, who verbally sparred with Alex Rodriguez early this season. "They get an 'F' in my book."

Yankee Stadium was impressive and without question sets the standard for ballparks as far as facilities go, but I still love that rundown yard on 4 Yawkey Way and still hate New York. I prefer green over blue, Dropkick Murphys and Neil Diamond over Frank Sinatra and Lansdowne Street over 161st Street. And I can do without all those ugly NY logos, those freakin' pinstripes and those damn Yankees.

Anyone who enjoys Neil Diamond more than Frank Sinatra deserves a good slap in the face, no matter which baseball team you like.

First pitch at 1:05 p.m. as Vazquez returns to the rotation.