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Yankees 3, Blue Jays 8

Well, I think that Javy Vazquez may have not only pitched his way off of the postseason roster tonight, but maybe even out of a guaranteed major league contract for 2011.  So, barring a disaster or a major blowout, Vazquez lost (aka pitched) what was likely his last game in his last go-around with the Yankees.

There was some good in this game.  Derek Jeter was 2-4 with a walk.  A-Rod his his 30th home run of the season (that's 9 home runs this month if you're counting).  Francisco Cervelli somehow has a .355 OBP, and Joba has lowered his ERA by over a run and a half since the All Star break. 

So as much as you don't like to see games like this, it's important to keep things in perspective.  At this point, these games are just tune-ups.

Play Of The Game: for the Yankees, Cervelli's RBI single in the 6th at 3.8% isn't very gratifying, but that was their top play. 

Quote Of The Game: MattF15:

Top story on 11 PM SportsCenter: Yankees mock retiring Gaston with fake applause.